Take your service contract management to the next level in Jira.


Delivering a better experience to our customers is core to MindPro. When we recently rebranded, we also decided to improve our apps to make them even more valuable and easier to use. Having this in mind, we are proud to announce that ContractsPro is now MindPro Service Contract Management (SCM). This is not only a name change, it brings a new set of features that will positively impact our customers' lives. Let's navigate through them now.

New Visual Identity

Following MindPro's rebranding, we have changed the entire app's UI, including color palette, menus, fonts, icons, and charts. The result is a cleaner interface where users can find every feature easier with fewer clicks.

Revamped Contract Creation Screen

Creating or modifying a service contract is the core of MindPro SCM and now it is easier than ever. The contract creation screen was totally redesigned to offer a better user experience. Fields have new positions, sizes, and alignments to make the creation flow more intuitive. New validations were added so users know exactly what information should be added and what is missing.

Easier to Get Started

New resources were added to help users to start using the app. As soon as it is installed, the App Tour is displayed and users can explore the main features and understand how it works. The tour can be accessed anytime from the new Help menu.

Quick Access for Support

The new help menu will give you quick access to MindPro's support channels. You can access the product tour, documentation, open a ticket in the customer portal or send an e-mail to Mindpro.

Also, if you have any doubt, you can always access Documentation.

Another important feature added is the "empty state" screens, which will instruct the users on the first access to each module, indicating what are the next steps to follow.

Managing your service contracts in a single place is better than ever.

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