Your voice matters: introducing Mindpro Ideas

Developing a new app is not only about creating amazing features that resolve someone's pain points. It's about the connection you have with your customers and how you listen to their opinions, using this to improve the products you build for them. 

We are always in touch with our customers and partners when developing new solutions. ContractsPro is a good example. It was born based on our experience delivering services to customers who also deliver services. But we always think we can get more and offer better solutions. We strongly believe the customer is the best feedback source. Nobody else can tell you how good your products are and where you should invest to keep them on the top.

This is the reason we created MindPro Ideas, a feedback portal where everyone can share suggestions, product feedbacks and ask for new features they believe could be important and add value for them. Once the ideias or suggestions are submitted, our specialists analyze all of them and validate based on the customer perspective, the alignment with product purpose and the technical viability. Base ond this validation they can be implemented to benefit all the current and future users.

If you are a customer or are trying the app now, feel free to submit your ideas whenever you want, click here to access the portal and start today. Your voice matters.

Mindpro helps modern companies do more and get the most of their Atlassian tools.

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