ContractsPro now has its own Timesheet Management feature

One of the most requested features is now available in ContractsPro Cloud: we are introducing the new Timesheets feature! Now team leaders have more power to manage services and track time in Jira. With the new Timesheets feature, you will be more independent. It means you do not need to buy additional apps only to manage your team's timesheets in Jira. ContractsPro Cloud has the essentials of timesheet management so you can focus on what is more important: track team's time in an easy and objective way. The best part of it? It is totally integrated with the other app's functionalities. 

When you have many different apps in Jira (especially from different vendors), we know it is hard sometimes to get all the data we need, because these apps simply do not "talk" to each other. And this is exactly what ContractsPro Cloud wants to resolve. The Timesheets feature is part of our roadmap to creating a suite for service management in Jira where the customers get all they need in a single place, in a fast and simple way. No more manual work to consolidate information will be necessary.

Since its launch, ContractsPro Cloud has an exclusive worklog system, where individuals can inform the team they are logging time for and where is possible to follow up the account progress in real-time. This makes the accountability easier and reports more accurate since you know exactly where people put their efforts. This worklog system was also designed to pave the path for the timesheets functionality now available.  

In essence, timesheets can be used as a way to validate the work the teams delivered. This helps on reporting the progress of executed services and later on invoicing the customer. ContractsPro Cloud manages service contracts, distribute billable and non-billable hours among teams, notify users and customers about deadlines and contract limits and report progress efficiently. In this context, a Timesheet functionality adds more power to team leaders to increase productivity.

As everything in ContractsPro Cloud, the Timesheets feature is simple and clean. Individuals access their timesheets, check information, quick edit worklogs and submit them for approval. Team leaders have their own panel to validate the hours and approve or reject timesheets submitted. If rejected, a timesheet goes back to the owner to be fixed and resubmitted. All this data can be tracked using the new Timesheets report.

This feature was designed to cover the most important steps in a timesheet workflow, because many customers told us other apps in Atlassian Marketplace do a lot of unnecessary things they do not see value. Most of these apps are expensive and only do timesheet management, so they do not integrate with other apps. ContractsPro is going in a different direction. We believe the value is exactly on simplifying things and making information integrated, easy to find and to access, in a single place, how agile is supposed to be.

And there are more to come. We expect to introduce a new cost tracking and resource allocation module in a short future. ContractsPro Cloud will increase its power offering an end-to-end solution to manage services in Jira. Stay tuned! 

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