How to log work and track time in Jira when a person is part of multiple teams


The manager’s daily activities include a list of challenges to reach high levels of efficiency for their teams. Part of these challenges is related to how to deal with the worklog systems since needs are often related to finding a solution that allows to:

A) Select what activities are billable and what are non-billable and how they can be reported accurately;

B) Distribute the planned work in a way managers can easily measure the participation of each team and the impact they have on the work executed;

C) Resolve the eternal problem of logging time properly when a certain person is part of multiple teams and needs to specify for each one the worklog is entered.

In Atlassian Marketplace you will probably find Jira apps that address (in a way) the first two items above. But they usually fail on addressing the third one: most of them use the default Jira worklog functionality to enter time or create their own worklog feature. None of them however think in the same way a team manager does.

When you execute services for multiple clients it is common to have multidisciplinary people that can work on different fronts, exploring their abilities to deliver the best services.

Although many apps allow to create teams and assign work, they do not offer an option to identify (on the worklog screen) for what team the person is logging time. This causes problems for the managers because even they know the number of hours spent for a person they cannot see how much of that amount was spent for each team that person is part of. This certainly impacts the report of productivity and efficiency at a team level.

If you are a team manager we bet you identified yourself in this scenario. We also have large experience managing teams. Believe us, we had to deal with that thousand of times. And this is one of the reasons the MindPro Service Contract Management was developed!

After the contract is activated, you can create issues in Jira selecting the “MindPro Service Contract Management” widget and informing the respective contract and account for users entering time:

When users log their work, the MindPro Service Contract Management widget will display a worklog screen where the user can select the team to enter time for (only the teams the user belongs to will appear):

Now you can make sure every hour logged will be distributed to the correct team, it does not matter how many teams the user is part of! This is an exclusive feature from MindPro Service Contract Management. Guess what? We have a Delivery Report where you can see all this distribution in a few clicks:

Now you can have a detailed overview of how teams are spending their time. The Delivery Report also allows you to know:

-What teams are busier;

- What teams are higher and lower performers;

- Where you need to monitor idle time;

- How much time your teams spend with non-billable activities;

- How efficient is your planning on distributing the work.

How cool is that? We are sure this can be very useful for team managers to improve the way they organize team’s work and report results. You don’t need to waste your time manually looking for this information.

Let MindPro Service Contract Management do it for you!

The way it works is very simple:

You create your accounts (billable or non-billable) and your teams (adding users to them). Then, you add a contract informing the accounts and how many hours are planned for that account. You can also distribute the work among up to 4 teams per account: 

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