Are you giving proper attention to your non-billable hours?

It happens all the time: when planning project activities managers and team leaders tend to give more attention to the billable hours, those ones the customers pay for. But we all know projects are more than that.

During the daily activities, teams perform internal tasks that are also important for the project such as team meetings, learning time, researches, etc. Customers will not be charged for these hours spent on internal activities although they impact the project/contract execution. The logic is simple: the less non-billable time you spend the higher is your project/contract margins.

In case you manage your team activities using Jira, you probably noticed that most apps available in Atlassian Marketplace do not offer a way to plan and track non-billable time by default. As a workaround, you can add a “non-billable” category to the accounts, but it does not allow you to plan this time in advance in a simple and clear way.

With ContractsPro Cloud you can plan your billable hours during the contract creation when you are defining the accounts and the teams to work on the activities. The “account slices” functionality allows managers to set up different accounts for the contract, define which one is billable and which is non-billable, and also assign the work to up to 4 different teams. Even the non-billable efforts can be planned and distributed. In this way, you have, in a single place, not only the hours that will be consumed and invoiced to the customer but also the planned internal tasks you will execute.

Both billable and non-billable efforts can be tracked via Delivery Report so you are always on top of the contract progress and are able to monitor how much of the contract is consumed on internal activities. It helps not only to better track the contract margins but also tells you how the teams are spending their time, avoiding bottlenecks.

In case you have more non-billable hours than planned, the report’s pie chart will turn into a bar chart. You can also see the teams that are exceeding the planned limits.

Based on this information you can anticipate productivity issues and keep teams always on the right track. Additionally, you gain more visibility on the contract consumption and take better decisions to increase the project/contract margins.

Sounds good, right? Try ContractsPro Cloud today and start making your team and project management more efficient!

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